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Keratin Treatment “QuicKeratin” For Use With Blow Dryer


About DanDe Nano Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Treatment “QuicKeratin” is a new product that introduces a new method of hair straightening to the world. This is a temporary hair straightening product which holds even after several washes. This hair straightening method affects the hair immediately and results can be seen instantly with straight and healthy looking hair.

The reason for developing this product is to give women the ability to have straight hair with a non-permanent procedure.

Keratin Treatment “QuicKeratin” is actually a temporary Brazilian hair straightening method, which gives the same result without the permanent effect. One of QuicKeratin’s advantages is the added volume and movement the hair receives during this treatment.


With the use of QuicKeratin on a regular basis, you will notice the cumulative result of hair rehabilitation, strengthening and straightening in a healthy and comfortable way.

How many times have you thought to yourself that you want straight hair for just a few days but worried about humidity and not being able to wash your hair afterwards? Now QuicKeratin gives you the perfect solution.

This product was developed by DanDe Cosmetics. The product contains keratin protein, collagen and essential oils. The product was tested on different types of hair: Mediterranean hair, damaged hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, wavy hair, bleached hair, straightened hair, and hair that went through various chemical processes. This product knows to adapt itself to the type of hair it comes in contact with and to enrich the hair- right from the first use.

The Keratin protein produced in our laboratories assists in creating shiny and elastic hair. Keratin protein has medicinal properties and has been in use in the medical and cosmetic industry for thousands of years.