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We offer private label production in cooperation with companies who are looking to establish their own brand. As manufacturers of high quality Brazilian Keratin Treatments, we are a premium company to work with, as it allows companies to offer something unique to their customers without having to go through the production of our own.

We have begun producing a number of famous products through the world and this has allowed us to reach new markets. Our research and development team has explored a variety of Keratin Treatments as well as DanDe Nano Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

We feature a factory in Israel and are one of the first companies in the country to produce a Keratin Treatment. Our products can be offered in bulk, which range in barrel size from 25L to 200L. Over the years, Keratin Treatment has become a go-to cosmetic product because of what it is able to do for hair. It provides sheen, shine, and works as a straightener. It is a powerful treatment and provides benefits to people with a number of hair styles.

People from around the world have wanted to obtain a Brazilian Keratin Treatment because of the many benefits that can be achieved, though many people are hesitant to purchase because of the high prices associated with Keratin products.

We are happy to offer a quality product at an affordable price. The ingredients that we use are expensive and high quality, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an expensive cost to you, because of the bulk pricing that we have been able to obtain by working with other suppliers.

When working in cooperation with companies that wish for a product label of their own, we offer a wide range of customization. This means it’s possible to make such choices as:

  • * Color
  • * Strength
  • * Fragrance

Anyone who is in search of a Keratin Treatment can turn to us for the affordable, high quality solution. Whether it’s a small amount that is required or a large amount, we take the time and care to make the treatment as one of the best in the industry – and provide the benefits to the hair that you and your customers are looking for.

We believe in giving companies the opportunity to offer a premium product to their customers. Working with us, provides a product that is in high demand. We are more than happy to take our branding off and put your branding on – and make the other customizations based upon the color of the Keratin Treatment, the strength, and even the fragrance.

Learn more about the products we have to offer and how you can begin branding a product for your company today. We look forward to working with you!

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