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This is a temporary hair straightening product which holds even after several washes

DanDe Nano Keratin

* Wash your hair at the same day
* Results upto 4 months
* 80% less steams


From now on you won't have to cut your bangs in order to create a beautiful frame for your face.

Infrared Hair Straightener

The infrared improves performance of hair straightening processes using Nano-meter IR wavelengths.

Who We Are

DanDe Cosmetics Ltd has been developing and perfecting the Brazilian Keratin Treatment since 1998

The DanDe Nano Keratin Brazilian Treatment is a revolutionary hair straightening solution developed to work for all types of hair and to show clear results after the first treatment.

Why Choose us?

  • 3-4 months of straight, healthy and smooth hair
  • No burning eyes
  • 80% less smoke during the treatment
  • Washable - the same day
  • Buy now!

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